En ArchipelASBL

artists cooperative


En Archipel is a Brussels based organisation recognized by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

Its aim is to set up new modes of research, creation, production, promotion and distribution for artistic expression. Its objective is both the creation of shows and the sensitization of the public to different artistic expressions.
 Its aim is to distribute contemporary dance in a wide variety of spaces  (theatre, museum, public space, homes, rural and urban spaces,…)
and to promote choreography, in the broadest sense, applied to the other arts.

En Archipel sets up collaborative working methods to pursue the realisation of its goals. The organisation is akin to a cooperative. It establishes itself thanks to the collaboration of the artist-members, its board of directors and other external members. Forms of collaborative aspects include : creating spectacular or participative events ; giving workshops to specific target audience ; creating laboratory time-spaces on the remodelling of our artistic professions towards forms of cooperation ; proposing training courses and workshops ; associating with partners from other sectors (artistic and/or others) ; producing educational or promotional video content ; publishing paper and digital editions

En Archipel supports artists anchored within the Belgian and international artsitic landscape. The artists in En Archipel propose research, practices and ultimately the realisation of an artistic project.

This support between emerging artists is the foundation of this cooperative type of organisation. It responds to the need to build a structure that accompanies singular approaches as an alternative to institutional creation places.

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