Jason Respilieux

Born in Brussels, bilingual, Jason begins to train in dance at the age of 12 and joins the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels and Codarts, school for the arts in Rotterdam. In 2014, graduating from P.A.R.T.S., the dance school founded in Brussels by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.

Since then, Jason has pursued a career as a dancer/performer amongst multiple choreographers: Salva Sanchis, Ted Stoffer, Claire Croizé, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Louise Vanneste, Anneleen Keepers.

In paralell, a teaching career also allows Jason to develop singular body practices and choreographic writing tools.

For Jason, his combined expertise as a dancer and a teacher opens up the perspectives of a varied choreographic research that is an equal reflection of his diverse parcours. His work situates itself on the verge of several art-practice with a focus on the moving body and how one relate to its surroundings. Jason’s artistic practices inscribe themselves within this plurality.

O is a collaborative film made with filmmaker Petronella Van Der Hallen and composer Pieter Schuermans. It’s a short fiction film (30min) shot in the prison of Beveren, Antwerp. The film wants to address other perspectives on prison life and focus on the people inside it. It’s showing vulnerability and questioning how can we be free.


The Body Will Thrive is a adaptable short piece for two or three dancer. Starting from lore Stessel’s photographic work, the dance reveals bodies as matter. It’s an interplay on their relationship. It offers us a renewed perspectives on what bodies can tell together.


J’en pris les oiseaux / Criiez oracle is a solo performance and a duo dance film projected on stage. It’s a piece that can be adapted to theatre venues and in situ spaces. The piece offers a glimpse into a sensitive journey. Inviting the audience to rediscover our senses and allowing to pace down and to question ourselves. rediscovering a renewed dialogue with the living that surrounds us.




Création en cours

J’en pris les oiseaux / Criiez oracle

An anagram of the performers’ names, J’en pris les oiseaux / Criiez oracle consists of a solo on stage and a video-dance duet between Jason Respilieux and Claire Croizé.

The performance invites us to contemplate. It’s the practice of slowing…

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