Leen Van Dommelen

Inspired by the body which doesn’t always do what we want,  the body which betrays us with blushing or trembling, the body that has his limits, Leen Van Dommelen creates a world in which the ambiguity between control and loss of control is always present.  Balancing between performer and sculptor, in a world where she deals with the body as matter. Manipulate, observe, dissect, analyse, play with the things that we normally cannot see or touch. The things that are sometimes not things, that are  sometimes immaterial.

“ To be on stage you must be in control but to really play the game you have to lose control. Taking the risk of failing. Finding a kind of realness. And maybe the failure is more interesting than we thought.”

Leen Van Dommelen created her own path  in very different schools:  ISAC  (l’Institut Supérieur des Arts et des Chorégraphies) and sculpture at the Académie Des Beaux-Arts Brussels, La Cambre (Sculpture), Sint Lucas Gent (Mixed Media).  “Backstage of the Body“ received in 2017 the Horlait-Dapsens grant, the  Espronceda prize and the Prix de la Ville de Bruxelles.

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Backstage Of The Body

In Backstage Of The Body, Leen Van Dommelen dissects the body in a fragile game hovering between cruelty and poetry. Clashing with the limits of the physical body, she examines her fears and shame and takes us to a world where what is usually hidden is suddenly revealed. Shock and…

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