(Français) J’en pris les oiseaux / Cri­iez oracle

de Jason Respilieux


An anagram of the performers’ names, J’en pris les oiseaux / Criiez oracle consists of a solo on stage and a video-dance duet between Jason Respilieux and Claire Croizé.

The performance invites us to contemplate. It’s the practice of slowing down and paying attention: a renewed awareness of sensations which enable us to perceive ourselves as human beings bound to our environment and reliant on it.

This poetic and sensorial choreography allows the audience to explore the senses, to observe, and by using our five senses, restore a corporeal dialogue between our bodies and the living world that surrounds and composes them.

(English) Project leader, choreographer, performer : Jason Respilieux

Per­for­mance (video) : Claire Croizé

Exter­nal view, dra­matur­gy, chore­o­graph­ic assistance : Eva Hon­ings

Cos­tumes : Ella­da Damianou

Light­ing engi­neer, scenog­ra­phy, technician : Max Adams

Videog­ra­phy, editing : Simon Van Der Zande

Pho­tog­ra­phy : Lore Stes­sel, Eva Honings

Del­e­gat­ed production : En Archipel Asbl

Coproduction : Les Brigittines, Charleroi-Danse

Supported by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (service de la danse), Garage29

Acceuil studio : Le Centquatre, L’Essieu Du Batut, Garage29, SEN (studio étangs noirs), C.A.M.P. littoral, Le Gymnase

Thanks to SUITCASE program Iles asbl, ECCE and En Archipel asbl (artistic cooperative)