Rosandra Nicoletti

Rosandra is a dancer and teacher. After training in classical and contemporary dance in Italy and a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Rosandra moved to Brussels in 2009, where she began her career as a dancer and performer, collaborating with different choreographers (Anne-Dolorès Marcélis, Fabian Barba, Charlotte Vanden Eynde, Kenzo Kusada…) and visual artists (France Lerner, Dora Garcia, Kirsten Dehlholm…).

In addition to her work as an interpreter, she continues her university studies at the ULB on community policies for migrants and asylum seekers.

In 2015 she joined the Master at the Institut Supérieur des Arts et des Chorégraphie (ISAC) at Erba-Esa in Brussels. At ISAC she trained with Louise Vanneste, David Ayo, Léa Drouet, Giulia Sugranyes, etc. and started her own choreographic and visual research.
She created two solo pieces (Loving Pot and Quite White) and a piece for four performers (Take Care).

Her performances have a trashy and poetic aesthetic. She sees her performances as a mixture of poetry, violence and generosity where spectators and performers find themselves ‘together’ in a state of defeat and weakness, with the possibility of saving themselves – in an earned but temporary quest.

“Creating our own form of survival, undeniably linked to that of our neighbours.”

These days she works as a performer and artistic collaborator. She works as a teacher in Brussels schools and is a classical dance and pilates teacher.