Alessia Wyss

Following her training in trompe l’oeil painting and an apprenticeship in metallurgy, Alessia completed a degree in set design at the St-Luc Bruxelles school. During this time her artistic practice focused increasingly on the association of space to the body and its movement . This has lead to her specialisation in choreographic composition at the Fine Arts institute of Bruxelles — ISAC.

Studying gestures has allowed her to travel from artisanal practice to dance, in an attempt to sublimate everyday actions. Whether it be in collective creation or the setting up of relational installations, Alessia maintains her gestural laboratories open to all kinds of participants.

Today, Alessia focuses on the concept of study and the act of seeing rather than on finished forms. She defends the importance of presenting works in progress in order to give responsibility to the spectator for his view/gaze. She seeks to find spaces whose components are neither objectified nor exotic. Instead, for them to be opaque and changing.

Here you can watch a talk about my artistic journey:

Création en cours


Selk’Nord is a research regarding chilian cultural element and ending with a contemporary dance performance called:

# Beautiful Alien Object .

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